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Survey Center Focus, in addition to being a beautiful state-of-the-art focus group facility, can also be used as a flexible space for corporate off-site meetings and events, as well as a location to host charity or other not-for-profit gatherings. This modern loft space is designed to handle small and medium sized meetings.

Survey Center Focus, unlike hotels or conference centers, will give you one package price for your basic space rental. Included in this price are all non-alcoholic beverages and delicious, healthy snacks. More elaborate food items and full meals can be brought in from local restaurants and caterers. Whether you want a continental breakfast or an elaborate ethnic buffet, we can arrange it all to suit your taste buds and your budget.

Concierge services, similar to what one would receive at a top hotel are offered. Our experienced hostess staff is here to help with whatever specialized transportation, dining or entertainment requests you may have.

All rooms are wired for high speed internet access, which is available at no extra charge. For a small additional fee you have the ability to record the meeting or event on VHS or DVD. Video conferencing and web streaming are also available. Administrative supplies and resources including word processing, transcription and translation services, color printing, and production of visuals are also on hand for your utilization for a small extra fee.

Professional facilitators are on staff to book at a competitive hourly rate that can lead your meeting, corporate training, employee bonding or brainstorming/ideation sessions. These group leaders are experienced in hosting a wide variety of group sessions, having an innate ability to bring out the best in people.